BCW End 2014 on a high

Our annual No Blood,No Sympathy event has always been a must see event but this years double header took BCW to a higher level of success than we could have ever imagined with both nights selling out with our superstars performing to over 1000 loyal fans.

with visiting guests Chavo Guerrero,Hardcore Holly,Paul London and Drew Galloway this event was always going to be a fast seller but to achieve our first 2 sellout shows in 13 years of running wrestling shows was a true achievement for BCW owner Graham Mckay.

Both newcomers to BCW Chavo Guerrero and Hardcore Holly enjoyed themselves so much that both men expressed there interest in returning to BCW on twitter within 24 hours of returning home to the US.

We cant thank all our loyal fans enough for coming out to show there support and to all the wrestlers that work so hard month after month to put on the best show they possably can for the fans and taking BCW from strength to strength.