700+ fans pack into Kilmarnock Grand Hall

Official show report . thanks to Craig Hermit


British Championship Wrestling hosted their ‘Retribution’ event before a sold out Kilmarnock Grand Hall on the 28th August. By far one of the best events the promotion has held, no small feat as the previous shows the company have presented to the fans have been on a scale from great to excellent. To go one step further shows the standard on a  creative and on a performance level that BCW are hoping to achieve. On this night achieving that aim brilliantly judging by the smiles of the 700 plus fans in attendance, I’m not alone in my assessment.


BCW Openweight Championship Elimination Match: Kenny Williams (c) vs Davey Blaze vs BT Gunn vs Stevie Xavier

Credit: Mr David J Wilson Photography

The Champion Kenny Williams has defended his BCW Openweight Title in the most unpredictable range of matches against a variety of opponents and this night looked to be no different. Facing a monstrous Davey Blaze whose raw power is only matched by his anger, a sight he wanted every fan in attendance to witness as he remained disgusted at the fans as they booed him. Williams other opponents would be the Tag Team Champions, Just Uz, who earlier this year, fans witnessed their friendship almost shattering as their desire to win separately almost drove them apart, but in this match they looked to be friends, for now.

The match began with Williams battling Blaze, the two fought back and forth with Williams consistently needing to rely on his speed and agility to counter the Blaze onslaught. It was then Gunn and Xavier who engaged as they traded forarms, high kicks and then both at the simultaneously attempted their thrust kicks but got tangled and this allowed Blaze to make his impact again in the match.

As the battle progressed, fans witnessed all four men perform the tower of doom from the top turnbuckle and afterwards fans of Just Uz were in shock as Xavier superkicked Gunn directly to the jaw as Gunn at the same time applied a camel clutch on Williams, quickly after the kick Xavier pinned his tag team partner. Before Xavier could say anything to his defence Blaze seized him for the roll-up and eliminated him.

In a matter of minutes the Tag Team Champions were out of the match and both men saw each other as the cause. On the outside of the ring both had to be separated by security as the friendship between the two looked to be on thin ice.
Back in the ring, Blaze launched his full fury at the defending Champion, who in turn, thanks to the fans in attendance cheering him on, used his resilience to spring back to turn a possible defeat into victory.

Kenny Williams defeated Davey Blaze, Stevie Xavier and BT Gunn


Noam Dar vs Doug Williams

The next bout was a clash of the traditional British Wrestling against the new style of British Wrestling that fans have become accustomed to in recent years. Doug Williams, a legend in the wrestling industry against one of the biggest stars in the UK today.

From the beginning, Williams and Dar began a game of one-upmanship trading headlocks, wristlocks, chinlocks that all the fans respected and enjoyed.

It was Dar who would change the tempo of the match attempting a suicide dive until Williams struck with a well placed elbow to the face allowing him to lock in a submission attempt using a reverse chinlock. The fans cheered Dar on who would then escape and hit the suicide dive through the rope to gain a near fall.

The two fought outside the ring using the steel barricades to assist them, as they both entered the ring again, it was Dar on the attack as he struck with his running dropkick into Williams as he was trapped in the corner. The match continued to flow on until from nowhere it was Dar using a small package to pin Williams, much to the legends surprise

Noam Dar pinned Doug Williams


Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Grado vs Red Lightning and Saqib Ali

Credit: Mr David J Wilson Photography

Fans in attendance bore witness to the Hacksaw Jim Duggan video package displayed on the large screen at the Kilmarnock Grand Hall. And as those same fans waved their own 2×4 fours, some purchased at the merchandise stand and some already owned, waited for the WWE Hall of Famer to appear, suddenly a familiar music played and it wasn’t Duggan’s.

The villainous Red Lightning made his way to the ring and immediately seized the microphone. Easily one of the very best promo men in the UK Industry today, he insulted Hacksaw Jim Duggan, demanding, “Where is my video?!” and then introduced one of the fastest rising stars in Scottish Wrestling, Saqib Ali.

The two armed with a barrage of brilliant verbal artillery, insulted and belittled the fans with Lighting acting as ‘The Prince of Pakistan’, Ali’s translator until Duggan arrived. As he stood as the entrance way ready to confront his detractors, pyro fell down from the ceiling and the floor, your writer heard a fan comment, “this is how legends should be shown to the fans”.

As Duggan stood in the ring, he called on the man whose hypnotic personality takes you hostage as soon as you hear his theme song, Grado. The two fan favourites stood in the ring and entertained everyone watching, Duggan at one moment stood in awe, much like many world stars have at the devotion that the fans have for Grado, and it was a fantastic thing to see.

The match began with a tour de force from Duggan and Grado steam-rolling their opponents to the fans delight, but Ali and Lightning weren’t ready to be made a laughing stock by the fan favourites.

They attacked and continued to focus on Grado, exploiting the rules to the best they could, and antagonising the fans while they did it. However, in the end there would be only one one team winning and with the full Grand Hall behind them, it would be Grado and Duggan.

Grado and Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Red Lightning and Saqib Ali


BCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Kid Fite (c) vs Mr Anderson

Kid Fite is one of the longest reigning Heavyweight Champions of any promotion in the UK. He has faced some of the very best during the reign, Bubblegum, Davey Richards, the combined force of Just Uz, Drew Galloway, and even Finn Bálor otherwise known as Prince Devitt. They have all attempted to separate him from the BCW Championship and on this night it would fall to former WWE star and former TNA Heavyweight Champion, Mr Anderson to see if he could end Kid Fite’s destructive reign as Champion.

Credit: Mr David J Wilson Photography

The moment Anderson stepped out from the curtain, he was in ready to entertain and to battle but not always in that order. His joking around with Simon Cassidy before the bell rang allowed Fite to jump him from behind. Fite continued to demonstrate these tactics throughout the match as tried to gain the advantage. Unfortunately for him, Anderson fought back and pressed on.

The fray would head to the outside as both would strike hard with viscous chops and the fans winced with every strike. Back in the ring the two fought, and as Anderson looked to succeed when others have failed, Fite managed to strike with the belt behind the referees back only to get a near fall, and when that didn’t work, he did it again this time in front of the referee resulting in a Disqualification.

Afterwards Anderson, raised his hand confusing the fans, but it was a ruse only so he could hit him with the mic-check. A statement to say that you got the victory but you’ll remember, Mr Anderson, Anderson.

Mr Anderson defeated Kid Fite by Disqualification


Jack Jester and Nikki Storm vs Wolfgang and Kay Lee Ray

This match combined four of the UK’s best wrestlers and all four shown exactly why they are held in such high regard. As the fan favourites, Ray and Wolfgang stood in the ring ready to start the match, Jester took a sadistic pleasure in making them wait as he antagonised the fans on the outside.

The match began with Storm and Ray both attempting to get the upper hand before Jester was tagged in and Ray showed that male or female she can fight with the best to the delight of the crowd.

As the match progressed it was Wolfgang and Ray who looked to be the favourites to win as they dazzled the fans in one instance as Wolfgang gorilla pressed Storm onto Jester and then doing the same with Ray. But it would be Jester and Storm who would take the win as Wolfgang and Ray looked to dazzle the crowd with a dual high-flying finale but Wolfgang was taken down and fell victim to Jester and pinned as Storm threw Ray to the outside of the ring from the top turnbuckle.

Jack Jester and Nikki Storm defeated Wolfgang and Kay Lee Ray


Drew Galloway vs Lionheart

Credit: Mr David J Wilson Photography

The main event had been a year in the making ever since Drew Galloway made his return to BCW. On that night he returned Lionheart arrived and challenged him to a match as soon as his own recovery from the brutal neck injury he suffered was completed. Since that night, BCW event after BCW event, Lionheart had been relentless in his attempt to get a match and each time Galloway would say no in fear of injuring his long time friend. But after Lionheart defeated Aj Styles, Galloway finally granted him his wish via tweet.

As the two men stood ready to begin, the fans watching them in the ring were already chanting “This is awesome!”.

The two stars began their battle and traded the advantage several times with both men attempting to end the match early. As the bout progressed Lionheart continued to be relentless in his assault to get the win he desperately wanted. Galloway appeared to hesitate when given the opportunity to get the advantage over his opponent when  using his Futureshock finisher in case it would re-injure his friends neck.

The match progressed and the fans remained divided in who to cheer but the match looked to be over when Lionheart struck with a viscous thrust kick, then a second and a final third to the surprise of the crowd gaining a near fall. However, the win would belong to Galloway as Lionheart hit his Rock Bottom and then thr frog splash from the top turnbuckle but Galloway raised his knees and as Lionheart recoiled, he was beaten by the Futureshock and suffered the pinfall.

The match may have been over, but as both men stood in the ring, their arms raised high, the real winners would be the fans for a fantastic match and a tremendous event.