Kid Fite declares war on BCW

He held the BCW Heavyweight Championship for 3 years making it the longest title reign in BCW history but after losing his beloved title in April this year Kid Fite has declared all out war with BCW and its owner Graham Mckay.


Before winning the BCW title Kid Fite caused what can only be described as chaos in BCW with his Faction "The Aggression" and we thought we had seen the last of them after they disbanded and Fite went on to Heavyweight gold .


During a match in a sold out Ballerup Hall between Kid Fite & Lou King sharp vs Taylor Bellando and Dylan Angel a Deranged Kid Fite was seen glancing over at BCW owner Graham Mckay and giving a grin an uneasy Graham knew all was not as it seemed and out of nowhere during the match Kid Fite simply put his hands up stopping a fast Dylan Angel in his tracks and from every angle possable the ring was invaded by Aaron Echo and Davey Blaze with many of the fans describing what followed was something you would only see in a gang fight with a young Taylor Bellando & Dylan Angel simply being fed to the lions.

Kid Fite took to the mic to simply say that he is not interested in Championship Belts anymore what he wants is bigger..what he wants is BCW total control of a company selling out venue after venue after venue and he has formed the new and improved 2016 version of

"The Aggression"


Yes folks they are back and we simply at this stage do not know what they are going to do next.

BCW owner Graham Mckay was unavailable for comment when we tried to contact him regarding this.